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Chance be a model!

05.01.2022 16:04

The show “Top Model in Ukrainian 2021” again added to the popularity of the profession of a model in Ukraine. And there was also added the show “You are a top model” on TNT. Therefore, we want to draw your attention again that different people can be a model.

In our base of models there are different “divisions” – categories of models:

✅main board – boys (from 180-182 cm) and girls from 13 to 25-30 years old (from 170 cm) with standard parameters (they are different in different countries, by the way)

✅petite model – girls, below 170 cm; lately they are often popular with an increase in the number of filming of content for social networks girls of short stature – it is important to be “similar” to the target audience of the client or just proportionally folded and photogenic

✅kids – boys and girls from several months (there are different photos and videos; we will increase the number of projects this year)

✅age model – boys and girls, over 25-30 years old (depends on the partner country and specifically the client’s specification)

✅ plus size – girls with parameters close to 120-90-120 (but! Depends on the partner country and specifically the client’s specification)

There are also models that consider proposals only for work in Ukraine, some models from other countries are only interested in foreign contracts. We try to find opportunities to be realized in modeling for everyone!

Each category has its own requirements for appearance, height, parameters, as in different countries or for different clients. There are maternal modeling agencies, modeling agencies for children, modeling agencies for women over 30, modeling agencies for teens, a modeling agency for boys, and a modeling agency for men. There are a lot of model schools for adults and children. Each modeling agency chooses for itself – to work with one of the directions or to unite everyone, as in our situation.

But in any case, professionalism, ethics, perseverance, discipline and the desire to achieve the set goals from both sides: the agency and the model are important. If a one-way traffic begins, then there will be no result – this has been proven by many epicfiles, including ours.

There will always be controversies about who fits the status of the model or not. The scout of a modeling agency will always face a choice – whether this girl or boy is suitable for clients to advertise goods or services.

BUT it is important to take daily steps towards this profession, take part in filming under different conditions, monitor your appearance and behavior on projects, and not just select the “Model” column on your Instagram page and write harmful comments on posts in social networks 😉 After all, model scouts on Instagram, too, even through filters, they see their real appearance and character.

We wish every model interesting Shooting, shows ❤️